PC Speaker problems.

I recently bought an ASUS G74 laptop. Everything about it is great except the speakers are rubbish. I bought some headphones, but I don't like always having a headset on, even if it's wireless. I want external speakers. I live in an apartment so I can't pump the music and I wouldn't want to anyway. I have limited space where my computer is set up so I can't have huge speakers, or one of those fancy 5 speaker systems. And I don't think I can justify buying those $200 Bose speakers (though I'd love to if I could).

I bought Logitech Z313 speakers today but their base is too heavy. It's driving me nuts because there is no separate control for the base and my laptop sound drivers don't allow separate mixing channels. If I turn the volume down low enough that I don't think my neighbors can hear the bass, then the other ranges are so quiet that I may as well just be using the laptop speakers.

Anyone got any advice? I am strongly thinking about returning these speakers. I am not sure what alternative to go with but at this point I'd rather have nothing than have spent $40 bucks on annoying the neighbors and getting myself kicked out of the building.

Anyone got any advice?

I'd look for some audio control software/equalizer application.
There are some out there.

Let's see...

Maybe you could use something like this ?

Very many speakers nowadays will be bass heavy. Is there not even a tone control on them? You could wind that up a bit to take the edge off it.

Otherwise there must be some kind of software solution?


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