The best gaming laptop for the least amount of money?

Every time income tax comes in, my family(I don't know why I say that, it being just me and my mom) spends a chunk of it on a new computer. This year, I'd really like to get a gaming computer, Alienware or otherwise. Do you guys know what best possible gaming computer I can get for under, say, 1700$?

Does it have to be a laptop? $1700 can get you a laptop that will get you okay to good gaming performance, but you can get a desktop much better than any laptop for less money than $1700, even if you go with a pre-built desktop, which tend to be overpriced when it comes to models with a decent graphics card. Gaming laptops have a huge price premium attached, and tend to suffer from heat issues, and generally aren't upgradeable in any real way, so they fall into obsolescence a lot faster.

I wouldn't recommend Alienware, as at this point they are simply overpriced Dells, and the quality of Dell computers has been going downhill for years now. If you are dead set on the laptop, I have heard good things about some of the Asus gaming laptops. On your budget if you go for a laptop, try to look for something that at least has the nvidia GTX 560m GPU. It's considered entry level for gaming on the desktop, but it is one of the best laptop GPUs that you can get that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

For desktops, I would highly recommend you build it yourself if you go that route. It is not hard to do, as long as you can operate a screwdriver, and follow instructions, you are fine.

A lot of the pre-built desktops are overpriced when you get to the ones capable of decent gaming. ie. the $800 desktop will have a really good CPU, but an extremely low end graphics card that can barely run modern games. The model that has a good gaming graphics card will cost you $400 more, though the only difference between the 2 models is a $200 GPU, they will still charge you $400 more.


Wow, Asus looks really good. They are all out of stock at their own website, which is a little amazing, but I found some on Amazon. Thanks.


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