How does one apply a gif as their avatar?

I've been looking at some gifs I would like to get as my avatar on this site but I don't know how to.
Can anyone give me advice on how to make my avatar a gif?
I usually use a mac laptop for everything, so if you have a mac and know how to apply a gif, that would be appreciated.


first: The GIF MUST be 80x80 pixel resolution (or 100x100 if you're a member of the Escapist Publishers Club)

Then you need to upload said GIF through your profile page, while also making sure the file size is under 200kb.

If you're trying to make one, chances are you could probably ask around, I know there's a Avatar shop thread somewhere around here where someone can probably turn that Avatar of yours into a GIF.

You could go here and request the avatar be made, as they'd know how to get your avatar down to the specifications.

As to doing it yourself...I have no advice, thouth the people in the avatar store may be able to help.


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