Should replay Skyrim with a different character?

I invested about 80 hours in a stealth based character and is it worth it to restart the game to see if it's any better with a magic based character?

Sure. Elder Scrolls and Fallout games are kind of meant for you to make different kinds of characters to take a new approach to the game. I mean, it's not like making a magic character will mean deleting your stealthy character.

Yes, the system is set up that at early levels you can Jack of All Trades but at later levels you're very specialized. So mages and warriors can play very differently each time.

The first time I played Skyrim I tried to be everything, constantly switching between dual wield fireballs and daggers to play. At first I had fun but it got so hard at one point that I got rid of that character for stealth. The stealth guy is level 52 and is it really worth to restart the game with a magic based character? Aren't the levels just the same but instead of shooting at retarded NPC's with a bow that loose suspicion while the arrow is still sticking out of their head for fireballs and lightning? Is the fun worth the remake?

Sure! magic is fun but beware, magicka is a real bitch in battles, your enchantments that increase your magicka regeneration rate don't work inside combat for some reason (bug?)


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