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So I've been having a pretty lucky day and now I'm home on Facebook (surprise, surprise). Anyway, this girl I have a serious crush on is online, on Facebook, right now. Now, I don't know how long she will be online and I'm really close to asking her out (I know, asking out people online especially via Facebook is incredibly bad) but I'm probably never going to see this girl again in person, unless she says yes to me. Now, some information on this girl; she's like five years older than me, has a real job and can probably drive (something I don't have and can't do) and she goes to school kinda far away from me. Still though, this might work... Right? Please guys, I need a unified opinion on this soon before she signs off and I lose my lucky day chance on this. Thanks to whoever responds to this.

I wouldn't do it. It's hard for women to go out with guys that have more stuff than the guy before them. Don't drive or have a job, her last boyfriend probably did. All your going to do on your first date is explain to her why you don't have these things.

Dang .... Shawn absolutely nailed that one, methinks.

Unless she's knocking down your door already, let it go. Just remember her as the one that got away rather than the one that you scared away. In five years when you're older, more established, and not trying to ask someone out on Facebook, you may have a shot.

I understand what the last two posters are saying...but you want my advice? Go for it. You might get rejected, sure, but she is five years older than you and has those other benefits which you don't; it was a longshot anyway and it's only a crush, you'll get over it

And if it works out, then awesome!

I just believe that living with regret is worse then living with being rejected that's all, and I know this is a very late reply but this is just in case you get another chance :)

I'm with Lem0nade Inlay. Odds are she'll say no, but if you never see her again what exactly would the consequences of that be? And speaking as an old fart, young people hitting on older people is something that always should be encouraged. Once both parties are past 18, a five-year age gap is practically nothing, relationship-wise.

Don't do it. No matter how hopeful you are. ANY long distance relationship will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever work. EVER.


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