Feeling sick or dizzy

Ill admit im not the healthyist person, Ive allways skipped breakfast since i cant stomach food when ive just got up and when it comes to lunch, i tend to snack on a bag of crisps rather than have a sandwich. I sit arround playing games with whatever free time ive had and ive had alot of it since ive been unemployed for roughly three years. I voulenteer once a week at a charity shop where i fold, bag, move and steam clean items of clothing.

The last time i was at the shop i started by folding and bagging, then when i ran out of items i moved on to the steam cleaner, while i was using it i began to feel light headed and a little unwell so i went outside, the supervisor checked the clothes while i was out and when i came back i was informed that the job id done wasnt up to scratch, it was at this point i noticed me heart pounding quite heavily, then my vision went completely black for afew seconds. id also been having discomfort in breathing and my back and chest felt uncomfortable when i inhaled

This episode has concerned me, ive had light headedness before from standing up too quickly, or rushing out of bed and even running into the kitchen and reaching out for a mug a little quickly but ive never actually had any problem with my vision when its happened and its usually just been for afew seconds.

Today became angry, not just irritated but really angry, more so than was reasonable, all because soemone killed my guy on one of my online games (shouldnt happen i know, its just a game etc..etc) and i had a similar experiance, but this time my arms and legs felt weak and when i went to make a drink to calm myself i found i couldnt keep my hand steady. im not sure if the two cases are related, the first incedent has had me worried.

Does anyone know what might be wrong or have you experianced anything similar?

You've got some pretty bad symptoms, probably best that you go see an actual doctor rather than ask for advice on the internet. It sounds like you are having heart or ciruclatory problems. Oxygenated blood isn't getting to where it needs to in sufficient quantity, causing the weakness, dizziness and light headedness.

Yeah go see a GP as soon as you can man, it might not be something that bad, but the symptoms aren't great and if it is something then it would be good to get it early.

1. Go to the doctor.
2. EAT. Your body requires fuel to operate. Moreover your body needs NUTRIENTS to repair itself and maintain function. Crisps have calories, but no nutrients. Where are you getting your vitamins, calcium, and protein from?

You don't have to eat a full mean, but at a minimum you should have a handful of nuts, a small piece of cheese, and some fruit or vegetables.


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