I'd say choose the third one imo, she is the best one, she will understand your needs best

Depends, you in it for the long term or the short. Forget pros and cons and just think," do I see myself with this girl down the line." I'm not spouting the old,"listen to your heart," BS that's been shoved at us since we were 6, I'm saying which one would you get more of an experience. Personally, I see romantic relationships more as a really long term intimate friendship. So choose the one you'd likely get along with, or fight with if you believe opposites attract.

well you gave no description of the 3 so i cant help you with a logical way or give you a serious answer...
but i dont think anyone can answer that for you just listen to your heart (or dick if were talking about a short term relationship...) youll know what to do...
also remember that if one doesnt work out you can always go on to the next... :P

Get to know the three of them better (unofficially). If you start to feel a particular attraction to one of them, there's your choice.

If you dont know between them then you dont need any of them. A girl should speak out of a crowd to you. She should be the only one who grabs your attention in the few minutes you hang out and she should make you feel better. Frankly if your with three girls and you cant decide then I'd say none of them is what you actually want.

in terms of probabilty... you would want to avoid the first girl you've met.


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