Wait...am I doing this wrong?

Okay, so I've had my current system for about a month now and I've got a few questions about overclocking my i7 2600K to 4.5GHz - everytime I try to do this, it fails...either BSOD or just crashing before the system even boots up. I've had to reload to fail-safe defaults multiple times now. Usually, I use "EasyTune" 6 or whatever it's called and click on 4.2GHz overclock - since it's easier; but I've heard this isn't a proper overclock. Now, I've tried multiple times to overclock, but something unusual is I can't find my CPU Vcore in the BIOS - I mean IT USED TO BE THERE but not it's gone, so is Load Line Calibration etc...I've looked at other people's BIOS and seen that those settings are there - why did they disappear all of a sudden? Anyway, when I had a 4.2GHz clock using that program I had a Vcore voltage of 1.380 - which I couldn't change. I'll give you some ideas of my rig and specs:

Case: HAF-X
CPU: i7 2600K
GPU: XFX 7970 (OC+DD)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3
HDD: OCZ Agility SSD (OS) + 1TB Seagate Main

I'm using a stock Intel Cooler, but I'm going to buy a H100 soon. Also, both panels of my case are open just so I'm ready to put in the extra components when needed.

Can anyone tell me why I can't overclock to 4.5GHz or why I can't change or find my CPU Vcore in the BIOS?

Don't overclock until you get an aftermarket cooler. The stock cooler won't be able to handle anything more than a slight OC, certainly not up to 4.2-4.5 GHz. As you said, you may have to increase your voltage in order to get a high overclock stable.

As for why the voltage control is gone, I don't know, try resetting your BIOS to factory defaults, or failing that, unplug your computer, and remove your CMOS battery for a few minutes, put the battery back in and boot up, that will restore your BIOS to factory defaults. Also try uninstalling that Easy Tune software, that could be locking out your voltage control in the BIOS.

It is recommended that you OC from BIOS, as the overclocking software tends not to be that great, often it will pull higher voltages than necessary for a lower OC, you can squeeze much more performance if you do it manually.

Thanks a lot man. Before I do anything, I'll wait for my H100 to arrive.


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