Inverted screen

Soo escapist, I have a problem.

Today, me and my friends were replacing my computer screen. When we placed the new one in, and turned it back on, the screen was fine, just that all the colors had been inverted. Browns became greens, black was white, so on and so forth.

We think it is one of two things, the introverter or the little part that attaches to the back of the computer (I don't know the name obviously)

Any help?

Right click on your desktop to open a drop down with your graphics card's control panel (for nvidia, it will say open nVidia Control Panel). Once there look for a submenu named 'color options' or similar. There should be controls for stuff like contrast, gamma, vibrance, hue, color depth, etc. Play around with that until you get the right colors.

Or you turned on the visually impaired mode, it's something like alt shift p to turn it on and off


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