Escapist videos won't load

I recently did a fresh install of Win 7 64bit, and can't seem to get any videos on Escapist to work. I have the latest 64bit flash and Java, I don't have an Ad blocker, and I've tried using IE 9.0, Firefox, and Nightly. All 3 browsers do the same thing, just load a black box instead of the player. Youtube works and so do all the other streaming sites I visit, this is the only one not working.

What am I missing?

Fresh install? Did you run the Windows update too? Silly question, I know, but worth a shot nonetheless.
Also, the escapist have this page concerning video problems in case you haven't checked it already.

Aside from that, nothing comes to mind. When I had that problem, it was the adblocker thing but that was years ago and that doesn't seem to be your case anyway.

I used to use adblock plus but I haven't installed it yet on this machine. I've tried a fresh install of both Firefox and Nightly and both had no success. The Escapist help page had all the usual suspects to check for but none of their solutions fixed the problem.


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