Could certainly do with a little help please.

I am struggling to put my finger on why I am feeling the way I do. I am thinking I may have depression but it may be something else as I am not really knowledgable of the topic and haven't known anyone who has had it to relate. I am constantly fatigued, I wake in the morning and could go back to sleep at 11am or so, i usually got to bed around 9pm because I am so tired. I lack care in relationships with friends and immediate family. I don't have a great relationship with the parents mostly due to my introverted personality and how different I am to them, mostly dad. When with friends (weekly poker night etc.) I am usually sitting there in silence. So here is a little information to give you some background.

I am a single 20 year old male. I still live at home and am currently unemployed. I am a vegetarian and thought this may be the case of my fatigue but went to the doctors and I am nutritionally healthy. I am very, very, very withdrawn and introverted. I feel I struggle to make friends and I struggle to even have a conversation with friends. I exercise regularly by running every morning and doing weights every other day.

If anyone has any idea and help on how and why I am feeling the way I do would be tremendously appreciated.

There could be a few reasons for this, including depression. My suggestion would be to go back to the doctor and discuss it with him/her the way you have here. Ask if it could be depression, and if not, ask what it could be. There's obviously something wrong if you're so fatigued, so it's just a matter of finding it.

Good luck!

Its hard to say...
Seemslike depression but going to the doctor is the best thing to do for now.

OP, I see from your profile that you are Australian and to my knowledge it should be Autumn-ish at this point of the year. It is possible that it's climate change. However, I too recommend going to an actual doctor, rather than the Internet - vast amounts of information but most of it is useless outside of it.


Yup, see a doctor. If you exercise and still feel this way, it's probably something you need meds for.

If anyone has any idea and help on how and why I am feeling the way I do would be tremendously appreciated.

Have you considered the possibility that you're pushing yourself over your physical/mental limits ? Maybe what you need is a little vacation from your usual lifestyle ? Treat yourself some not-exactly-healthy food, skip some exercises, sleep longer for a week and see if it helps.

If not, try to drink some green/white tea in the morning, and red tea for evening - it should both provide you some extra energy and clean your body. You may want to drink yearba mate, it's very energizing beverage. :)

Thanks for the input guys. Trying to be a little more outgoing, especially just with friends, which was pretty successful last night. As for the tiredness think another visit to the docs is on the cards.

Once again, thanks for the opinions guys.


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