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I must ask for dating advice like every three months on this site and usually for trivial things... well, today is no different! So me and this girl I know are in the writing club at our college and, as such, are both part of the clubs website where members can post their work to be looked at and commented on by other members. Well I posted a short story which she at first commented on telling me how to make it better but then she sent other comments asking personal questions like whats my major and generally being very friendly to me. We've been sending comments back and forth until today she said that we might get in trouble by the clubs leader if we keep talking to each other in the comments section.
Now I don't know what to say back to her. I screw up a lot of relationships just by me talking since I tend to talk without thinking. I was thinking I'd ask for her facebook or something so we can keep talking but that seems to friendish to do and I want her to know I like her. Here's the thing though, in the club we barely talk to each other... so all this contemplation might be over nothing. Any advice you guys give would be great and well appreciated.

You could just ask her out. If you're college age then asking people out shouldn't be too a big drama any more. If she says no it's not necessarily the end of all your communications - unless you want it to be. You can continue to be friends after that point.

So, it's everything to gain, nothing to lose!

Even if it's online? Cause honestly, I think that's the only way this is going to happen is me asking her out online, since I barely ever see her, which everyone tells me never to do.

Here's the thing though, in the club we barely talk to each other... so all this contemplation might be over nothing.

So I assume there are frequent real life meetings with the club? The first step is to strike up a conversation during a meeting or maybe right after a meeting. I don't mean to be blunt, but how can you delude yourself into thinking there might be some chemistry between you and this girl when you have only ever talked online despite both of you being right there in the same school? From the sound of it this one time was really the only real conversation you've had with her (though correct me if I'm wrong). I think you need to take a deep breath and refrain from developing feelings for every girl who happens to be nice to you. If you genuinely think this girl is special it is imperative that you strike up a conversation in real life. Asking someone out on facebook is almost as pathetic as breaking up with someone on facebook.


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