Poll: Which do you read first?

And which do you tend to comment on more?

I always go with 'Latest'. The discussion is still in evolution and your voice can be heard and possible influence the discussion. 'Most comments' always ends up with either a few people dragging out a long fight or a bunch of people offering their opinion to back up others that have gone before them.

I check all three, then I comment on the ones that I find interesting. Or just to be nitpicky. Like now, when I ask: why is this in advice?

If I want to contribute, I go with latest, but if I'm just looking for a good read most comments seems to be the most controversial subjects.

usually just the ones that looks interesting... also why is that here?
shouldnt this be on a diffrent part of the forums?

Latest, I never comment on something with a lot of comments because usually mine is just lost in the pile. No one wants to read 12 pages of people talking about how Bioware sucks.

Interesting / latest / least comments, as soon as a thread goes viral there is no chance for any proper discussion anymore.

?! *wonders why in /Adv*

Anyway... none of the above... I always go straight for Off-Topic and check out thread titles and post in the interesting ones that don't have that many posts...


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