I need new Skin

My problem isn't that bad, the title just made me laugh.

I'm 19 and seem to have a spotty face. Its not as bad as it used to be, its just trying to get to that stage where I don't look like a 16 year old.

But anyway, I can't seem to get my skin looking as clean as I would like it. I try to drink alot of water, as well as eating some fruit, though I'm trying to eat more.

I stopped using specilized facial cleaning stuff as it just seemed to make no difference/ be part of the problem. I also shower daily.

Does anyone have any advice on how to keep my skin clean?

My face was like that too. My suggestion, go see a dermatologist, and get a consultation. Look into treatments like facial peels and microdermabrasions. I went for a few treatments of microdermabrasions and then followed them with a couple pumpkin peels, getting treatments once every two weeks. It seems like a lot, but each treatment takes only 15 minutes tops. They can be pricey though.

Peels sting and they gotta leave it on your face for a couple minutes. It's not unbearable pain, but yeah, you do have to have some pain tolerance for peels. Chemical peels are especially harsh on your skin and sting a lot but are more effective, but I would suggest pumpkin if your local dermatologist has it. Microdermabrasions work just as well though, without peels.

Anyways, look into those. You can also ask your dermatologist about prescription facial cleansers and gels, such as Clindets and Tactuo gel.

Only a dermatologist can really tell you what you need to do.

Acne can be caused by all sorts of stuff. If it's an infection, the stuff that cleans away skin grease isn't going to do much.

I had really bad acne when I was young. Luckily I am a girl and got put on the pill with the acne medicine in it. Looks like you can't do that, but if the acne is persistent ask your doctor about a prescription.

Otherwise, what I do to my face now (and I haven't had bad acne, or even more than one pimple every once in a while for the past 15 years now) is wash my face thoroughly with every shower, using soap and then a salicylic acid face cleaner, and then using a very light moisturizer. I prefer Clinique brand moisturizer, it's not heavy or greasy and it's gentle on my skin, which is now also prone to eczema.

Also using an alcohol based toner at least once a day, I do at night and then I moisturize again after that, but with a heavier cream, I use Vaseline intensive something... It's in a white jar. It's stopped my eczema cold, I haven't had any in over a year since I started doing that and it does not clog my pores.

During the day if my skin feels at all greasy I just use a face wipe, just a store brand facial wipe.

All that said, I'm 30 without a single wrinkle or pimple, or even many blemishes. I don't even wear concealer, not even when I go out.

Find a routine like that, but do talk to your doctor first, and as someone suggested try some professional peels or if you can't afford that, at least try some at home clay masks.

Grow a beard, not one of this wispy hipster beards, but a full on Brian Blessed. No will be looking at your spots and you will look manly. It will also save money shaving, I calculated that over the 20 years that I have had mine I have saved 1000s.

Wash your face with shampoo.
Come back to this thread and thank me when it works.

When you speak to a dermatologist, make sure you're briefed on side effects of any drugs they want to perscribe you. Being prone to depression, I opted against using Acutane when I had acne as a teen.

What I did was use water with lemon. Cut a lemon into slices and then squeeze half a lemon into a bowl. Add a little bit of water to dilute the lemon. Take some cotton and soak it in the bowl. With the cotton put the lemon on the areas that are dirty, or just all over your face. After a week you should see results.

Dermatologist, dermatologist, dermatologist.

I have Rosacea, and it sucks. I have had red blotches with bumps and dryness that spread across my cheeks, forehead, chin... I looked and felt horrible. Thanks to my doctor I've been on meds for a couple of months, and though I'm still red, I look SO much better. Without makeup people might just think I'm blushing now. But it's a good thing I didn't seek out Internet advice, because so many people think they know, when they really really don't.

So go get that doctor's appointment.

I used to have really annoying greasy skin (and the accompanying spots) when I was young - it lasted for a full bloody decade actually, from the ages of about 12 up til my early 20s. It eventually calmed down of its own accord. So even if treatment doesn't work, console yourself with the fact that you're still young and these things can go away with time.


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