Jealous friends left me.

Every time me and all of my old friends use to go out I'd be the one getting all of the attention from the girls, whereas they would get none. As a result, I'm assuming, they were jealous and decided to distance themselves from me because of it.

Now they've cut off all contact with me and avoid me whenever possible and when I do bump in to them they just tell me a pack of lies about why we can't hang out.

I'm left with literally no friends; I go out to bars and such by my self but everyone I meet, I can tell is thinking. "Why's this guy got no friends?" Which makes them treat me like a weardo.

This is a vicious cycle I have no pals and no one wants to hang out with me because of it. I'm a shadow of the man I was without team beside me and I don't know what to do.

Are you sure you aren't being arrogant?
Real friends won't leave you cause they're jealous~ they'd be happy for you.
But if you're sticking their face in the mud about it, I can understand why they'd leave.
Unless they felt awkward because you'd leave the bar with girls each time or something. If you're ditching them for women each time, I probably wouldn't invite you out either.

Or maybe it's another reason they distanced themselves from you? Maybe they aren't lying about why you can't hang out? Think carefully about any possibilities, you might have changed as a person and not realised it.

I'm just making assumptions here because I don't have much to go on. Attention is always nice but having fun with your mates is important too. Maybe they felt a bit left out if you spent the entire night with a girl you met.
Next time you're with friends focus on having a laugh with them rather than getting attention from the ladies. Or maybe even introduce your friends to her friends.

Well I don't know you or your friends so all this will just be wild speculation.
As someone who ran around clubs with a group of nerds I can tell you we always wanted a guy with us that could charm the ladies, because no matter how inept we were if he got us into a group by the end of the night someone would be hanging around your neck.
So that story of your sounds highly implausible.

Unless ofcourse you were actively working towards excluding your friends out of the interaction, in that case I can only ask in what way did you consider them friends?

Call them out on it and see if you can patch things up. Prove who is more mature.

This reads like there's more to the story than you're telling.

But in any case, what you describe is a kind of symbiotic relationship. You need your friends to prove you aren't a socially inept loser. So what do your friends get out of hanging out with you?

The way I see it, you have three choices:
1) Rather than just write off your friends as "jealous", take a good honest think about why they aren't hanging out with you. What do they get out of being in your company? Obviously, it's not as much as what you get out of their company because you have made it sound like you are dependent on them to get the girls as opposed to being Nigel no-mates. So you need to think about how to fix that. Or...
2) Get comfortable being Nigel no-mates. Or...
3) Find new friends.

Any of these are valid options. Blaming people for not wanting to spend time with you is not.

When you have new friends. Be the lighthouse that attracts the attention and then direct it to your friends. Thats what i am in my small small circle of friends because I'm married but I'll draw attention in and then pull my friends in and divert it to them. It's a fun and chalenging art form.


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