random xbox live message

hey gang!
i went on my xbox360 last night, i havent played an online game in ages (been on skyrim and mass effect 2) and i had a random message from someone called thqspacemarine or something.
it read
"congratulations you have won an all expenses paid visit to thq to try our latest game"
or something similar to that.

im worried its a scammer, i also got a random friend request the otherday despite not playing online since before xmas.

does anyone else get random friend requests/messages?
are they hackers/scammers or are they real?

That's definitely a scam. Just delete it and forget about it

Probably a scam, but If you're curious, then ask for proof. Ask them to post on the official THQ website that you've won this mysterious contest.

Unless...is it possible for bad things to happen just by replying? I wouldn't think so, but if anyone can say whether replying would be bad, then please say.


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