A Repair Center Dilemma

I have this HDTV that I bought a little while ago. It was a cheap one, around $200, an Insignia, with a one-year warranty.

It has a problem with "blips" in the audio when it plays DVDs. Basically, it will sound and look just fine, except for these occasional half-second hardly-noticeable "blips" where the audio jerks. But again, it's just for a split-second. Most of my friends never noticed it. Only I do, because I'm using the thing all the time. This happens whenever I'm watching a DVD through my Xbox or my Blu-Ray player connected from an HDMI cable.

Here's where the dilemma lies. Do I take this thing in to get it looked at, and invoke the warranty? Or do I just live with the issue and try to ignore it? It sounds obvious. I mean, I plan to make this TV last, so I wouldn't want to live with this blip forever.

But on the other hand, the problem is so hard to notice, the guys at the store might not even notice it. And then they may just give it back to me, saying "unable to reproduce the problem" (a response that should be outlawed). Or maybe they'll test the TV, notice it, try a few things, then test it again, not notice it, and assume they fixed it just because they fiddled with it. Repair center people really are the laziest of the lazy. I don't want to go through the Hell of trying to explain this obscure problem to the moronic neanderthals while they deny me a replacement because they're too stupid to follow my directions or pay attention. Or worse: What if they do replace the TV, but the new one has the same problem? What if it's just that this model always has this problem?

Should I dare to bring the TV in, knowing that repair center people fall at the bottom of the evolutionary chain, and hope everything goes well and the problem is simply fixed, against all odds? Or should I just grit my teeth and endure this audio blip problem, which is sure to become more and more noticeable to me with time?


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