Getting Over Writer's Block

Subject pretty much explains it all. Any tips/advice on getting over writer's block?

I've been writing this novel for about seven years now. I started in high school (something to do in class) and at this point, have gone through about three drafts of it. The past few years, my writing on it has become very sporadic. I am finally on what I consider to be the final draft, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to get through it.

I know a lot of people say, 'Just write.' But honestly, I have a very difficult time with this. Not because I can't, but because writing when I'm not 'feeling it,' feels awful. The words that come out seem dull and uninspired.

I've tried to start other projects, but can't keep my focus because I feel as if I should be working on my original piece.

Any insight would be most appreciated :)

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It doesn't really sound like you have writers block, but more a problem with feeling motivated to finish your story.
Big projects are the worst, when I do a big art project, sometimes I just get tired of looking at it, after all it's taken SO LONG.

I suggest you do those things that inspire you, give you ideas and make you want to write. Whatever that may be (reading, games, movies, ext),

when you feel up to writing in general (even if it's not specifically for that story), you need to force yourself to sit down and get it done. Even if you don't like what you're writing or you're not feeling it, just cop some kind of resolution out. Just finish the story. Forcing yourself to finish will at least get it complete and may jump start your brain into thinking about it properly again. You can always revise.

Something else that may help, you could show your story to a group of people (preferably strangers because they will give you the most honest feedback) and ask them how they think it might end, pick their brains a little bit and they might just throw in a new piece you didn't previously think about. Since you've been staring at your story for so long, it might do you good to get a fresh perspective that isn't your own.

My father, when recanting his tales of the book he published, loved and joked about his editor's solution for writer's block. Suffice to say that alcohol was the answer.

just wirte, everyday, about the first thing that comes into your head. Use the characters from the book or don't it doesn't matter.

Keep writing until an idea hits you. If you want to describe your big toenail in 2000 words you do that. Don't edit a single word, just write it. Leave it for at least a day then read it and cut it down. Repeat until you are happy with your writing again, then tackle your big project again.

I've been writing for ten years now and I teach non-natives about creative writing, this works. Just write.

Also, if you've recently given something up, that can damage your concentration, when I gave up coffee, I couldn't write for over a month. Don't take whatever it is back up but just keep in mind that it can effect you.

SAny tips/advice on getting over writer's block?

1. Have some free time. Don't write at all. Don't think about your story. Live, have fun, experience the world. Gather interesting accessories - words, sayings, situations, jokes, stories. Return to your desk after a month or so.

2. Write something else. Short stories, for example about The Escapists you know and value in some weird circumstances.


4. Instead of story, write the description of object. For example describe an old, abandoned house. Or Martian base. Or the Vault of forum administrators. Try to make it as detailed as possible. Describe everything - even the origin of strange stain on the wall.


6. And finally... If your creativity won't come back, just abandon writing. We, people grow up, change, evolve. Sometimes it means abandoning things and activities we once considered important.


Thanks very much for all the tips/advice guys, I really appreciate it. Going to give them all a shot.


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