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As many players have heard, the 6th Edition of rules is out tomorrow. One of the many updates is the system of allied units, meaning you can have auxiliaries from other armies in your army (such as an Eldar player fielding a squad of Tau fire warriors).

My question is this:
I have a codex Space Marine army. I want a large unit of multi-attack melee specialists for an allied unit. I want them to be fairly cheap on the individual level, as it's going to be a "throw away" meat shield to draw fire from my more expensive Tactical Squads. I'm having trouble picking between a 30 strong Ork mob with a Nob or a maxed out unit of Kroot with a Shaper, Krootoxes, and Kroot Hounds. Which one would be best, or is there another possibility altogether that I'm missing?

As someone who hasn't played warhammer since 'I was 12, I say orks, because they were my favourites and they kick arse en masse through blind belief

Tyranids, no contest.

you've got a number of CC options with varied strengths, which lets you arrange your CC unit to hold up whatever it is you want pinned in place or kept busy with something else. Good pricing too.

If your feeling a bit different then why not a Guardsmen Penal unit with a priest or psyker? There a fairly cheap unit for use in cc but pack a good punch.

I think Tyranids are the only guys that can't ally with anyone, so that may be out of the window.

If you want a cheap meatshield then yeah, orks are probably the best answer.


Playing as Marines, Tau are Allies of Convenience while Orks are Desperate Allies. I forget the exact penalties for this, but it suggests that Tau would be a better choice.

Tyranids are right out.

Have you considered just using a big formation of Guard conscripts, or maybe some choices from the Inquisition lists?

aren't space marines supposed to be xenophobic?

carlsberg export:
aren't space marines supposed to be xenophobic?

Not in this brave new edition of "We really need to sell anything we can so let's throw game balance, strategy, and anything that might possibly result in players being limited out the window to SELL MORE MODELS". Also, Space Marines have been declared the "Good guys" of 40K since they sell the best and are an all-male, all-powerful human force so as to appeal most to GW's target demographic. Where once they were the elite shock troops of a fascist regime that daily sacrificed 1000s of innocent people to the ravenous hunger of their corpse-god emperor, now they're space knights in shining armour who carve their names on the hearts of demons because moral complexity is threatening to sales.

But yeah, to answer the OP I'd say go with Kroot if you're concerned about the alliance penalties.

Thanks for the ideas. I really like Katatori-kun's explanation of GW. Sadly that seems to be true. If only they would try to get new people into gaming instead of milking those already involved.

I think I will probably go with Kroot, though the idea of a Penal Guard squad looks interesting. Likely they'll both feature in my list, but Kroot just became a top of the list item. Plus, none of the Tau players I know play them (Vespids are popular instead) so it should be a wild card unit.

Plus, none of the Tau players I know play them (Vespids are popular instead) so it should be a wild card unit.

Seriously? I don't have the current edition Tau codex but I thought Vespids were widely regarded as one of the most useless/points-inefficient units in the entire game?

Kroot are a good choice, especially if you bring some hounds. (7 points per carnivore and 6 per hound) Vespids are a waste of points if you intend to throw them away. (16 points per normal stingwing and 22 for the necessary leader)

Tyranids can't take allies, and if you do take allies, then I will look upon you and spit.
Why? Because the allies rule make the fucking set BROKEN.
Sure, if the other player allows it , but this shit is suppose to hit general play, I don't like that, I don't like that at all.
Think about it, Space marines with imperial guard tanks.
Or dark eldar with psychic powers ( Eldrad).

You're taking away what is a minus in your army and making it a plus, which is stupid.
So yah. Fuck you Games workshop.

Btw. Dakkadakka is a better place for this, or even reddit.


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