i need some help guys, recently i was having pain in my testicles and went to see the doctor about it. He told me that so far he knows i have a prostate infection and gave me some medication that will make me 100 % fine in about a week.

Im worried because it could also be chlamydia, i have only been sexually active with one girl and even then it was only oral sex, but he told me that chlamydia can be easily spread through oral (i already knew that) but that it takes a month or more for symptoms to show.Im just really nervous because me and this girl broke up a month ago but we had lots of oral sex, when i get the results back if it turns out i have chlamydia. How do i go about telling her she infected me, and that she should get herself checked?

First of all, wait until you actually get the news. You might just be thinking the worst.
But if it does come back that it is chlamydia, just ring her and tell her (or e-mail or whatever), just tell her you hadn't done anything with anyone else so she should get herself checked.

It'll be awkward but it's the right thing to do.

As the above poster said, try not to worry until you get your results in.

Chlamydia is very common and easily treated. If you test positive, you will have to take some antibiotics and it should clear up after a week. You will need to tell your friend because with women the bacteria can travel inside their reproductive tracts to potentially cause sterility and/or other complications.

Just be honest with her (if you are positive) and keep it simple. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Its the most commonly transmitted STI in the US, and very often there aren't any symptoms so its really easy to spread it without knowing you or your partner have it. Tell her that you went to the doctor, got tested and treated, and she needs to do the same.

First and foremost: Yay! You had oral sex.
Second: The clap? One of the VDs that can be cured? One of the VDs that, if you do have, is probably being cured by the same antibiotics that your doctor has already given you?

I remember a similar scare.
I was with a gentleman around Christmas time. And he remarked that his last serious lover had passed from AIDS. Now we didn't have sex sex. But he did fist me. And I was worried that cuts on his fingers might have bled inside me. Which is a way HIV can be transmitted.

Luckily I came out clean. And the worry was for nothing.

Have you had sexual intercourse with anyone recently? If so, please do let them know that they're infected with a disease.

Just tell her simply and as soon as possible, save anything happening to either of you or anyone else..

Also no need to worry about Chlamydia, down a couple of pills from the doctor and its all plain sailing, one my friends has had it twice and he's turned out fine.. although he has developed an abnormally large neck beard, I worry for his sanity..

Thanks guys. I lost my dad to HIV/Aids a few months ago. I think i defiantly over reacted after i was told that it could possibly get an STI. seeing my dad rotting away like that, i don't know it just got to me a bit to much. Thanks.


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