Will my pre-order arrive on time?

I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance on amazon uk a few days ago. It said when I ordered that it was guaranteed to arrive on release day which is Friday 20th July. However it's 18th July now and I haven't received an email to tell me my order has been dispatched. I've also read a few stories on the internet about amazon being unreliable about it's pre-orders. What's the likelihood of it arriving on Friday? I'm off on holiday on Saturday for two weeks so I'll be majorly p*ssed off it doesn't get here by then.

From my experience with Amazon, it can go both ways. They usually have the copy before release day and mail it out before, so it arrives on release day. Sometimes things can get hung up in the mail or some other way.

The best I can tell you is usually things go according to plan. Just keep your figures crossed that your's won't become one of those horror stories.

It will probably be a few days (2-3) before it actually arrives.

Stop complaining, I have to wait another 10 days for my copy, I am on vacation in Florida and got an American 3DS, I live in Ireland, I would be able to get it tomorrow of I wasn't on vacation.


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