School/Life Troubles

If I thought I could talk to someone closer to me, I would. But the people I have spoken to either have absolutely nothing to say or I am too butthurt to talk to them.

This is the story in a nutshell:

I have been going to school at a university in the United States for two years now. I am an undergraduate and about two years shy of getting my BA. The state of Indiana has raised tuition of all state funded schools by $2,000 for this year. No one in my family can help me financially and I am already maxed out on student loans. So I have to give up going there.

There is another school in a neighboring state that I am trying to transfer to for this year. I live close enough to get in-state tuition and I can go there without having to live on campus if I commute. I have to give up my current subjects of study because this school does not have them but I think I could still be okay.

I want/need to move to California sometime within the next few years. My prospects for a job are ten times better there than they are in Indiana, it is easier to get my degree there (only three schools in my state currently offer my desired major), and my boyfriend of several years lives there.

Out-of-state tuition is crazy so I need to take one year off and become financially stable before I can even put in a request for residency and eligibility for in-state-tuition.

My plan is to attend this new school for the 2012-13 school year and work to save money for the big move sometime next summer.

I guess I just need some assurance that I am doing the right thing. I have never really been uncertain about anything like I am now and no one that I have talked to can even give me feedback. Right about now, any advice would be greatly received.

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I would, captcha, but I have no idea where it is even coming from.

Honestly - if you feel like you're making the right decisions, you probably are. Life is hard for young people these days and we've all had to make sacrifices. I had to stay in my province and go to the University within walking distance of my house as that's all I could afford. Only years later did I go to college and then I still paid my own way by working really hard. I made the right decision, even if it was possibly financially a poor decision. (Except now I've got a great job so it's worked out.)

Making some tough choices and digging in for a hard few years is probably the right thing to do - it'll put you in the position you want to be in and things will work out because you worked hard for them. (You never know how things will work out - but you will know in the future that you will regret not doing this - so do it. Even if you fail things will be different than they are now, so that's an interesting thought.) You seem to have the details worked out and know what you need to do, you just need affirmation.

I think you're doing a great thing by doing this - it shows a huge amount of maturity and wisdom.

I absolutely think you're doing the right thing! Choices like this are always hard, but in my experience you already know what you want to do, it's just daunting to make it happen.

And hell, you don't need anyone's approval but your own :P

You know what you want to do,
you have a pretty solid plan to get that accomplished,
and you're willing to make sacrifices.

Sounds like you have a head on your shoulders, which is already half the battle.
You have this worked out and you know it's not going to be a walk in the park.
Seems like you'll be fine in the long run, even if it will start out difficult.

I just want to thank you three for humoring me in my time of need.
It really means a lot that you took even a few minutes out of your time to respond to my thread.

I appreciate what, if anything, my closer friends say, but I feel more comfortable asking an unbiased audience. So thank you again and I hope you all stay well.


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