I'm not sure if she is interested not...

So I met this girl in japan, she is norwegian like me and lives a few hours away.

out of my 3 weeks in Japan, the last week was spent mostly with her. we talked about all kind of random stuff and had a great time. the more i talked with her the more I realized that I Liked her more and more.

the problem is that I'm a very awkward teen. I'm 17 and I've never had a girlfriend or a female friend. I think maybe she might be trying to hint that she might be interested, the problem is that I'm to stupid to see things like that.

There are a couple of things that I've noticed that may or may not be signs to indicate that she might be interested.
1. the last night in japan we, me a friend of mine and her, decided to stay up all night so that we could sleep more easily on the flight home. She most of the night with her head on my lap. If you read this and think that this is just what female friends do then, shit...
2. She didn't seem like she was bothered when I had my arm around her. Although that may because that's how I helped her not accepting every flyer that was sent her way, but... I'm hopeful
3. just how she writes to me on skype.. I would almost call it flirtatious, if I knew what the fuck I was talking about. well, there's one thing she said that was kind of a joke I think, but the way it was put could be taken as a compliment. she said, after we had discussed how creepy it would have been if someone said to you that you are really cute when you sleep "If i told you you are really cute right now, how creepy would that be". I realize I might be over thinking this, which is why I ask for advice.

Do you think she is interested, and should I try to hit on her?

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Want to know how to find things out with minimal amount of awkwardness? Ask her out to dinner, specifically to talk and get to know each other better one-on-one. This is a date, meaning if she's not interested at all, she'll say no and you'll have your answer, but you won't have bungled out some guilt-inducing profession of unrequited love and can more or less continue your relationship without much awkwardness. And if she says yes? You can get to know her. On those kinds of dates it's actually perfectly alright to go about asking if she's interested in dating someone, what that means to her, and what she would want out of it. Now, you're teenagers, so there will probably be a lot of 'I'm not sure' and inexperience involved. But keep it friendly, and not too serious and you really can't go wrong. This is a great way to shuffle into the romantic role without putting any kind of pressure on the girl, or yourself. Don't stress too much about 'being in love' unless she brings it up. If she does something, and you really want to know what it means? Ask her. Frame it cutely though. "Hey, you know that thing you do? I think it's really cute. Is there a specific reason you go about it?" So long as you're not lying about finding it cute that is. If it's all confusing, well... The 'poor fumbling male' act has it's uses just as much as the 'eyelash-fluttering just-a-girl' look.

I wish you luck. Again, try not to stress about it. Remember that relationships are supposed to be fun for both of you, and keep it that way. At least until you're old enough to be getting into the more serious stuff, and even then.

I wouldn't say hit on her, don't look like a sleaze, just ask her out to dinner or a movie, try to make your intentions clear.

It sounds like she's also interested in you. Go for it, but act natural. Don't get all awkward around her because all you're thinking is "should I ask her out now? what if she says no? does she really like me? etc"

Find more time to spend alone with her (without your friend) and just talk to each other. As mentioned, dinner is a fantastic opportunity. You're far enough in to your friendship that you don't need to hit on her. Flirting is always fun but don't be afraid to be serious with her and let her know that you're interested.

Ask her. Its what everyone wants to do and what everyone finds an excuse not to do. Yes you make yourself vulnerable to rejection but thats life, the simple fact is, if you like her you are vulnerable to rejection regardless of how you approach it.

Your 17 (and im assuming shes the same age?), and thats always awkward, for everyone, but just remember shes definatley as nervous about relationships are you are. Obviously when you ask her be tactful, dont just walk up to her and blurt out "do you like me?", but dont dance around it either. When your chatting with her ask her if she would like to go out with you some time. Its direct and makes your feelings known and one way or another you will get your answer.

From everything you have said it sounds like she does like you but the only way you'l know is to ask. You do have to be prepared for rejection, and that will hurt, but if you genuinely like her its the best way to go. Women, particularly at your age will expect you to make the first move, and if you dont, eventually they will take it as a sign your not interested in anything more tha just being friends.

Oh and on a last note, it doesnt matter if she can tell your nervous, to ask someone out when your nervous means it took courage, and thats an attractive quality to a woman.

Now best of luck to you, and let us know how it goes.

Just ask her if she's interested in you. Not if she wants to go out, just if she's interested. If she's not, just tell her that's fine, you just misinterpreted her. If she is interested, that's when I'd ask her out. It's seems unlikely to go poorly if she's uninterested, though, since you never made a move. That's just what I'd do, though, you've got to do what you feel is right.

Best of luck. Most all of the Norwegian women I've known have been gorgeous, I hope you too can know the jubilation of a Norwegian ladyfriend.

I saw no.1 and, well, in my humble opinion, you're in.


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