Any mods for better AI for Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Title summarizes it for the most part. The AI in SWBF2 is horrible (as anyone who has played/plays the game would know) and I'm wondering if there's a mod for the PC version that will make the AI smarter?

One of my pilots just took the lander that I put in the enemy ship and crashed it into a wall. While it WAS hilarious, idk if I can keep playing like this.

I second this motion. The AI is either derrr-dumb retarded or a dirty cheat.

Every time I hop into an AT-ST a space craft appears, seemingly out of nowhere, and destroys me within seconds! It's like you become a magnet for enemy fire as soon as you enter a walker! It completely kills the game.

Admittedly, I'm using mods. But that still doesn't account for the abysmal AI, which is consistent across all maps and modes. -_-

I'm gonna go and hazard a guess that if your Google search for "Star Wars Battlefront 2 AI mod" turned up nothing (Like mine.)

Then a 7 year old game probably isn't getting any AI improvements anytime...ever

I guess you can hope they actually make Battlefront 3 (Which looked pretty awesome from that leaked footage)


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