Is There A Better Deal Than This?

I've been scouting around for a new desktop before I go to college and so far I haven't been able to find a computer with more power for the same price as this one:

However, reading some of the reviews has revealed that some people find it to be too noisy, which would be bad for music production, which is the main thing I'll be doing with this computer.

So I'm curious as to whether there are computers that are more powerful than this one for relatively the same price (~$100) and bonus points if it's quiet. If anyone could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it.

Oddly enough that's actually a decent price. Usually Best Buy is more of a "convenience" store, and has high prices for most of their products. This one is very slightly better for the same price, and right now it has free shipping.
The choice is ultimately yours, and it seems you found a decent price in store.

PS: you will probably get lots of people telling you to build it yourself. I'd suggest not listening since it seems you're uninterested in doing that.

Thank you! Honestly, I'd consider building it by myself, but I'm trying to get it done before I leave for college in two weeks (preferably during this tax-free weekend) and I have a lot of other college-related stuff to do before then, so I don't really have the time.

The only difference I see is that the Acer has 3.1 Ghz instead of just 3, but the other computer comes with built in wireless networking. Decisions, decisions, decisions...


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