Help! I've got "Welcome to Nginx" and I can't get rid of it!!!

I've looked on the internet for ways to get rid of the bug and even found one that had a step by step guideline for ridding your computer of it. Unfortunately the example shown looks like it's for older systems AND/OR I'm just not computer savvy enough to follow the directions correctly.

Probably the latter.

I need a "For Dummies" level kind of help here. 'Nginx' is slowing my computer--which isn't that fast to begin with--to a crawl. It's also redirecting searches, etc. etc.

Seriously, given the money I paid for Norton 2012 you'd think they'd have this bug already blocked but apparently it's designed in a way to ghost through my firewalls.

What do you bet "Welcome to Nginx" was written by someone working in the anti-viral etc business. The computer guys who purged my computer the last time I got a really bad viral infection in it told me that most viruses, mal-ware etc are written by programmers who make their living coming up with bugs then selling the solution to companies like Norton. What an annoying racket they've got themselves going, huh?

Captcha: giant bunny rabbit

Here's me hoping I've got a lucky foot.

Try this.
Usually does the trick.


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