USB Memory Stick Problems

Hey all,

My USB memory stick (iBoutique brand) has stopped working,I have only noticed the problems this morning when I had to retrieve a file to be printed off.

It does not show up in My Computer, however it shows up in Devices and Printers fine, but I cannot access the files within it. There has been little damage to the device - only the little bit at the end designed for a cord to be put through has been knocked off.

I do realise that the stick might have to be formatted, but it is important that there is a way to fix the problem without resorting to that, or that the files can be recovered.

All help would be appreciated.

Try it in another computer, preferably one running Windows XP.

Sounds like the partition is corrupted or otherwise missing. Probably no easy fix, might want to look into recovery software or services if it's important. Keep a bajillion backups in the future, it's the only way.


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