money to spend

Looking to spend some of my birthday money before the big november rush kicks in and loads of good games come out so im looking to get either the following games

RE6: probably just for story never liked re5 enjoyed re4
Dishonored: looks good reminds me of thief series

or two xbla games
Mark of the ninja and Dust: an elasyian tale
both look ok need other peoples opinons

RE6 for the story would be a good buy in my opinion. It has a lot of different characters on different fronts, and the game play is split between all the resident evil games based off the impressions I got while playing the Demo. Leon plays a lot like RE1-3, Sherri & her partner play similarly to RE4-5. Chris on the other hand plays something like Resident Evil Call of Duty. I didn't like his part of the demo very much, but it was at least entertaining. You ought to try the demo though too. It might help you narrow down your decision. :)

If it's a matter of either RE 6 or Dishonored, I'd wait for the Dishonored reviews to come out before you make that choice. Arkane (Dishonored's dev) isn't necessarily flawless, but they're usually interesting. Kind of the Obsidian of action games, in a way.


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