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My life been falling apart since I started my 5th year at secondary school. First I am anti social and I just cant stand some imature people in my year and I cant ignore them because im in the same class with them they throw stuff at me call me names and I basiclly become really depressed all the time and I think its affecting my grades. Next Im slowly drifting away from my family I barley talk to my family just small talk my parents are really worried about me especially when i am athiest and they are all catholic. Finally I dont know what to do for a job i want to become a game designer but my ict teacher is starting to make me dislike computers even though I love them and I am horrible at maths which i know is vital for game development cant think of any other carrer my dad wants me to help him on his dairy farm but i hate farming need advice. p.s no councellers i hate them thinking life is so positive when it isint.

Is there some way you can get into a different class or period? I got bullied pretty bad one year of high school. It was bad enough to request that same class, but at a different period. While it's not a perfect solution, you can't change other people. Sometimes, showing indifference to being bullied also works but not always. A bully thrives on the reaction they are going to get from their actions: depriving them of that can cause them to stop bullying you. Just something to keep in mind. Nevertheless, I would try and get that class at a different time if you are able to do such a thing. Bullying can have a pretty big impact on ones grades. :/

Why are you drifting away? If it's a reason you can work out, I would definitely try to do so. Family is important in my opinion. I know firsthand that they won't always see your decisions, choices or attitudes as correct. That causes conflict. A few family members of mine are the same way because I'm bisexual. It's important to try connecting with family even if you don't share the same viewpoints. Don't agree, but try to respect said viewpoints. This helped me get along better with certain members of my family. Since I can't force them to change how they feel, I can try my best to meet them half way instead.

Mmm. I can't really tell you what you should do for a living, but it's always a good idea to feel out your options. If you don't like what your dad does, you can try other things. Read up on jobs/careers that interest you enough to pursue them. If Game Designer is what you are dead set on, then you will have to get better at math. No real way around that. I'm not a big fan of math myself but if I had to do it for my dream job or career, I would.

I hope this helps. :)

There will probably always be bullies in one form or another throughout your life. What will change, with time, is how they affect you. You have the final say in how you view yourself. Bullies have greater influence when we aren't comfortable with ourselves or don't know ourselves well enough to be comfortable. I would set aside some time for introspection and figure out who it is you are and who you want to be. How do you want to conduct yourself? Figure that out and strive for that no matter the circumstance. I was in my mid-twenties before I finally started to become my own person. That being said, you don't have to put up with people throwing shit at you. In some cases it could be considered assault.

What type of relationship do you want with your parents? Work towards what it is that you want. You're older now and your relationships are going to require work from here on out; even your relationship with your parents. You can't just take them as they come any longer. You are partially responsible for if a relationship grows or withers. The upside is that your relationships will be much more fulfilling.

Don't get too bent out of shape with your career choice. I'm married with four kids and a house and I still can't say for sure what my career will be in ten years. That's just life. There's no plateau that you reach where you can just coast. It's really scary but it's also liberating. You can change your mind with what you want to do with your life and that's a really cool thing. My degree is in Radiography but right now I'm in mental health. I'm thinking about getting into ultra-sound or maybe even nursing. It would also be cool to open my own bar. None of these things will come easy but it's up to me to pick my own bumpy path. Off-roading is way more fun than driving on the highway.

What the fuck man? Don't take that shit. First tell your teacher, if that doesn't work go to the Principal, if that doesn't work (and the situation is applicable) go to the Police. Harrassment and Bullying are againest the law and that's what they're doing. If all three of those things don't work smash the kids face in with a chair.

The Family stuff is a bit tougher. If you have the money offer to take them out for lunch or something, I mean how hard is it to scrounge up $20 and hit up a McDonalds? Or go School shopping or ask for help with homework or getting your licence or something, make some reasons to talk to them.

Jobs are tough as shit and I'm on the same boat as you so I can't help.


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