Looking for a versitile video player (software)

Dear Escapists.

I work as a volleyball coach and until recently, I started to videotape our matches my team plays. When reviewing the video material with my students I need a videoplayer that is able to slow down the clip, play it in slow-motion, play it frame-by-frame both forwards AND backwards.

Windows Media Player is utter garbage and unfortunately my favourite video player MPC cannot display frame-by-frame nor slow-motion.

I know that stuff like Adobe Premiere can do that but that stuff is way too heavy and cumbersome for this kind of usage, all I need to do is DISPLAY the video, not edit it.

I tried using VLC player but it came with some stupid malware (Sweetpacks) and since then I really do not trust that player anymore.

The video camera I use is a semi-pro DSLR Canon EOS 60D
The format is (sadly) QuickTime 1280x720 at 60 FPS

I'm open to any suggestions.

Hmm...that is odd. I reformat my laptop once a month or abouts. Having installed VLC several times, I can say that I've never had that happen. Where did you download it from? Because the main website has never steered me wrong when it comes to a clean install. I'll double check for you right now though. My suggestion was going to be VLC, that's why it makes me wonder. Ok, lets see...

Downloaded it. Installed it. Ran Malewarebytes on a full system scan. Nothing came up. My advice is to run a maleware scan first, then try installing it again from the main website. Off of the top of my head, I can't think of another player that can -/+ frames though. I'm sorry about that. :x

I hope this helps! :)

yeah. VLC has never messed up on me. Do that virus scan

Honestly, VLC all the way, it can definitely be trusted, where did you download it from? Either you have downloaded it from some dodgy site who have packaged the malware in or your anti-virus is giving you a false alarm because I trust VLC 100% and have never heard of anyone having any problems with it.

I'm not all that experienced with VLC alternatives but I've heard a lot of good things about Windows Media Player Classic, haven't tried it myself though. Definitely check it out if you really don't trust VLC. Don't let the name deter you, it isn't a windows product and is designed to improve on the faults of Windows Media Player so it could be amazing. I'm not sure if you can slow down or speed up what you are playing with it but I believe its a tiny download so worth having a poke around at it.

What about this vide ocx software http://www.videocapx.com i am using it about 3 years allrdy..

I have to agree, never had any problems with VLC. Get it from their main site, it's just the lightest, most flexible one you can get and they just released a new update for it

Mpeg Streamclip lets you scan video frame by frame, by pressing the arrow keys. If you hold down the arrow keys, it plays backward or forward in slow motion (I'm testing this on an .MOV/Quicktime video clip right now). It's also free for Windows or Mac at the address below. Hopefully it suits your needs.


The name doesn't match, so google Mpeg Streamclip if you don't trust me.


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