HELP ME! First time PC buyer.

Hi Guys! I usually game on my mac - CoD, Borderlands and Starcraft mostly - but I'm sick of waiting for mac ports and I'm sick of not being able to play Visual Novels.

I was thinking of picking up an alienware laptop, but then realised that for less money I could get myself a nice, powerful desktop. I like a portable gaming machine, but honestly I'm thinking of getting a desktop. I'm sick of the low upgradeability of laptops.

I'm torn between computers. I've considered getting an alienware desktop, but have heard people saying that you pay for the brand, that the rigs themselves aren't actually that great.

I hear that fatal1ty uses Orion PCs, so that sort of influenced me.

Hear's the thing: I need a good gaming rig for $2000, but preferably less. Around $1800 maybe. I also live in Australia, so if I need to order it online it has to be an Aussie site.

I don't care what brand it is, as long as it can run games without all the lag.

I also need to know how to connect it to the internet - my laptop is wireless and I live in a wireless household. I've never had a desktop before - how does it connect?


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