To become a creative scholar.

Hi escapist peeps, my name is Jake and I'm looking to create "something"

Let me give a little back story. I'm 20 years old, taking my 2nd shot at collage (dropped out 1st time at 17 due to crazy anxiety attacks over how I owe so much money and I'm not bringing any in), and working a dead end job as a "host" in the Texas panhandle living on every paycheck. I don't drink, do drugs, or preform any "extreme" sports (I jog and play tennis).

Now that that's out of the way... I've been really "bugged" with content that is becoming more popular. I'm referring to the... simple "say fuck and rape a lot and it's funny" mentality that has been creeping into gamer and internet culture more and more. Or the "trolling" mentality, don't get me wrong I DO think trolling can be funny but most of it being done seems in bad taste lately.

I've been wanted to create some sort of "Let's play" since I started noticing "Good" LPer's can actually exist. Yet LP's have become commonplace so unless I create an interesting twist no one would give it the time of day.

I have recently began thinking I could poke fun at video's that star the things I believe tarnish gamer and internet culture. I know I would enjoy watching something along those lines. Now time for my questions (Sorry for making you read this WALLOTEXT guys).

1)Would anyone else be interested in watching this or am I the new niche?
2)Would I be allowed to do this? I don't want to poke fun at something and have a lawsuit on me...
3)Could I make any revenue off this? (I know this seems like a dirty word to some, but I have no savings and if I made videos and they became popular could I make ad money?"

That, my dear friend, is something that some people want to see. Definitely, go for it!

1) The Escapist wants to have a word with you.
2) As long as it doesn't become offensive, you'll be fine.
3) ...No clue. Check with the video upload website for details

Hope I helped! :-D

I would totally watch something like that, though just like the guy above said make sure it doesn't become offensive itself. Also try and get a good microphone that;s very important.Oh and if you decide to make it you're welcome to send me a link if you want an opinion or something.

Seems like creating a mashup for you first one might be the best. Take some cues from your favorite videos, not just the lets play stuff and throw them into one video in a way that doesn't make it seem like it's incoherent. Of course you do it yourself just take the general ideas like yahtzee's shape men or making video games character cut out that look like they're talking on screen over the video.

Also I tend to believe shorter internet videos at the beginning are better. They make your audience laugh you get a point across and people say wow, I wanna see another ones of those. SO maybe make three 1 to 3 minute videos and release them all at the same time. Each video gives you a chance to test new ideas and gives you different material to work with. I mean some games could make a very funny lets play based off one joke... but if you try to drag that joke out over 5 minutes then it just get's boring.

Those three videos should allow you to test the wonder, not put in too much time, and hopefully get you some good feedback on the best way to go about making your videos.


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