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Howdy folks. I have been told I have a pretty awesome reading voice, so I was wondering if anyone knows about any voice acting opportunities or jobs. Before anyone says google, I tried that, and didnt really find much. Anyone doing a machinima meed a voice actor? Or starting some sort of animated series of some sort? Help me out here folks, please.

Look around the websites you frequent. Talk to people with similar interests as you to see if they know anybody who's doing any fanworks, these are your best shots. Make some recordings of your voices with different ranges.

You'll probably have to do a fair amount of free work to put a portfolio together before you get any paying offers.

Registering at machinima websites and having some sample work is a great way to start. If you have any Media Art schools around, offering your services on bulletin boards and talking to students about projects is a good way to start as well.

What Amethyst said is spot on though; expect to do stuff for free for a little while to build up cred and experience. Make sure that whoever you work with/for gives credit to you.

Starting your own site with samples is another good way; it allows you to experiment with different samples and keep them public for others to view. Try different characters, and see what you can do about matching them with actual work (animations, books, etc).

I'm doing a massive mod for Fallout 3 and might need a voice actor somewhere down the line. I can't pay anything but if you're willing to lend a hand should the time come, I'd be very grateful.


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