After 9 months of being sick I'm soon to be healthy again, but I'm a little worried.

Hello, escapist. I don't want to go into too much detail, but ever since February I've had a pretty severe chronic cough that's stopped me doing anything. I had to go out of school, and have stayed at home pretty much the entire time since. My doctors have finally figured out the (hopefully correct) cure, and I should be healthy in a month or two, and return to school in the new year.

I'm very glad that they finally have a pretty good idea of what's wrong and how to fix it, because I've been pretty much bedridden since it started. But I'm a bit worried about going from not really doing anything or talking to anyone, then jumping right back into my normal life after so long away from it. From the little I've heard of my friennds they've all changed quite a lot while I've stayed pretty much the same since my life has been on hold since February.

I'm not even sure what I'm asking for advice on... I guess just on how to get back into normal life when you've been out of it for so long, and getting used to the way things have changed. Also just getting my head around wasting a year of my life with nothing to show for it. Because of the nature of the cough, the things I really wanted to do (Mainly picking up the piano again and to start rowing) have been impossible. Missing out on an entire year of experience when I'm still quite young is hard to take in.

Sorry if I sounded a bit whiny, I'm not as depressed and worried as this post probably made it out to be. Just a bit confused as to how to go about coming back into normal life after being completely detached from it for 9 months.

Take your time and ease into it, don't let people make you feel like you're being rushed.
When you return, try to stand back and assess your situation, so you can get a good idea of how much has changed. It may not be as much as you think.

I would ask a few friends each week to hang out. Spend a little face time with them, playing ketchup. The best way to assess whats changed with the people in your life is to just ask them. "Hey, how have you been, anyhow?" That's honestly all you can do from your end in my opinion. Anything else would be much too vague to place proper decisions on. Losing that year likely did suck, but perhaps you can use it as a learning/reflection experience? Try to put some time each day into playing piano if you can, to get back into the swing of things. Everything you do now will take a bit of time to properly break in. Just make sure you don't rush it! :)

I hope this helps!


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