New console generation, need a PC to tide me over while the companies get their stuff together

So new console generation is coming, I'm planning to going back to PC gaming until they release a decent amount of good games for consoles. The last time I built a PC was for Oblivion so with Skyrim out I though this would be a good opportunity to build a new gaming PC. I would like to use as many of the parts I already have, but I am pretty sure I need a graphics card and definitely need a new processor. Also Black Friday is coming up so I should be able to get all the stuff I need.

I have a computer Case, and power supply 300W with a supplementary power supply. ( it supplements the power supply is what I'm told, anyway it lets me run graphics card without having to buy a new power supply). I also have an Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT graphics card, if possible I would like to keep it but if it needs updating I am willing to do so. Currently I have a 300 GB hard drive in my PC. So all in all I need a new motherboard, processor, Ram and possibly a hard drive.

The main goal of the PC is to run Skyrim at the best quality/price ratio. My budget is around 500-600 Dollars. I feel this is reasonable for what I need.

So I would you all to help me, or else I will have to continue playing Minecraft on my MacBook. You don't want that to happen do you?


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