what do you think I should do?
go ahead with the books
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81.3% (13)
wait for Season 3
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Poll: My "Game of Thrones" dilemma

Hi, I was wondering if my fellow escapists could offer me some advice, I find myself with a very difficult choice to make,

see, I've just finished reading "A Clash of Kings" after having read "A Game of Thrones" after having seen seasons one and two of the TV series, and I don't know what to do next, there's nothing stopping me from buying "A Storm of Swords" and reading it but I've really enjoyed the experience of watching the TV show, and THEN reading the book to flesh it all out some more, and if I read the books first I'll already know the story by the time the TV show airs.

Having said all that I really want to know what happens next (but no spoilers please) and I find myself very tempted to read the book, but I'm worried that if I do I won't enjoy the TV show as much, what do you guys think?

I read the books first, and I still find the show really entertaining.
I would recommend reading A Storm of Swords. I'm pretty sure it's being split into two seasons of the show so it would suck having to wait two years to read it.

If you really enjoy the books, I say go for it. Otherwise, it's going to take you 5+ years to catch up at the rate the show is being developed and the books are being released.

I'm going to go against the masses here and say you should wait. I think you would really enjoy watching the show first and revel in the great twist(s) ahead with the rest of the pop-culture sphere. Obviously you got a lot of enjoyment out of reading after watching. Why ruin a good thing?

And if you really need something to read, I know of a lot which can easily quench your thirst for brutal and brilliant fantasy.

I've been reading the books first and watching the show second. Has been working for me so far but I suppose you have to decide if you'll enjoy the show better without the background knowledge you pick up reading the details in the book.

You need to read Storm of Swords. You can feel the pure agony and despair we should all know. I cannot suffer alone. You WILL SUFFER WITH ME.



Seriously though, it is the best of the books and I promise you it will bring out a stronger emotional reaction than the show will and it's worth it. (To put this in perspective SoS is the only book I have ever thrown across the room in anger.)


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