Need Help With Choosing a PS3 Console

So, I am going to buy a PS3. Simple because I need a 3D blu-ray player. The Cheapest decent blu-ray player costs almost as much as a PS3. So, I might as well get a PS3 then. As extra there are a few RPG games I could get. To get a complete picture: I already own a Xbox360 elite and a gaming PC and I am using a Sony Bravia TV (KDL-40HX850).

My questions are:

1) Has anyone used the PS3 as a 3D blu-ray player? Does it work properly?
2) There is a new PS3 model with 16 GB. 16 GB doesn't seem like a lot, but I probably won't be downloading games or demos. Is there any specific reason 16 GB might not be enough?
3) Does the new model have any other advantages except size?

Any help would be appreciated.

Right, let me give you my answers:

1) Blu-ray works. Just have an internet connection if you're into browsing the special features and such.
2) Acheivements and other game data might take up space fast. Just something to consider. It's your choice in the end.
3) Not that I see any. I'd just say grab a PS3 slim and call it day over the new PS3.

Hope I helped, and have fun.

1) My PS3 is my main Blu Ray player and it works absolutely fine. Works well actually. As for 3D I haven't tried it but I'm sure it works well. Sony were keen on pushing 3D and Blu Ray after all.
2) 16GB won't be enough considering a lot of games have mandatory installs of large amounts of data. TBH I can't understand why Sony released a model with such a low amount of space.
3) Not that I can tell, in fact I've heard the new model actually has a few issues. I'd get the slim if you can.

Hope that helps :)

Thanks for the info. Then I'll look into a PS3 Slim with a 200ish GB hard disk.


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