Music Suggestion - Trip Hop edition

What's up Escapist? Can some of you music savvy sexy people recommend me some good trip hop? Specifically, I'm looking for something with a mood similar to DJ Shadow's "Endtroducing" album. I think it's really the breakbeat that I'm getting into, but I find a lot of popular breakbeat to be really erratic. I like the calm, introspective mood I get from that album, particularly tracks like "Changeling" and "What Does Your Soul Look Like?". The mood certainly matches what you generally find in Trip Hop, so I guess it would fall under that category. I guess I'm looking for Trip Hop that goes a little wild from time to time - my Massive Attacks, Thievery Corps, etc. are starting to get repetitive.

Here's an example. If you've never heard this, put on a coat and prepare for the chill.

Or hell, it's 3 AM in Vegas and this homework aint anywhere near done. Just post something that sounds cool :P

Not exactly sure if this is what you are looking for but the album Lot76 from a polish group named Namaste could work. It's the only album I possess that has at least a shot of "trip hop" and is, for my tastes, rather introspective. It's, however, mostly coupled with jazzy/loungy parts and sounds much more ambient in total. Still it goes in that direction and might be worth a shot. Here's an excerpt:

I know DJ Shadow by name only. I also have a hard time defining genres of music in my head. I might be way off the mark, but try:

Apollo 440
Sneaker Pimps
Massive Attack

Chromatic Aberration:

Forgot I made this topic. That isn't what I had in mind, but DAMN that is smooth. I'm finding out that what I really like is jazz with some electronic elements thrown in - I suppose suggesting that I'm looking for a specific genre like trip hop is misleading. I really just like this kind of mood - a little freeform, able to flow without relying on repetetive hooks... feels like driving away from the city in a light rain. Love it! Definitely going to seek out this album now.

And for anyone lurking with a similar question, I've been listening to these guys lately. This song is pretty simple structurally but I love the energy:


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