Still too soon to purchase a SSD?

Been looking on Newegg, TigerDirect and several other sites and it seems there still is a bit of instability on the SSD. Has anyone here have any issues with theirs? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Been running this baby for close to one and a half years now. Works perfectly and constituted pretty much the biggest jump in convenience when working on a pc since the advent of dual core processors. Boot and shutdown speed is vastly improved as are the program access times for stuff on your SSD. Just don't expect a big jump in terms of games - the only thing that they seemingly improve is the load time, though I have only tested that with an Oblivion which I modded to hell that now actually manages to run with far fewer crashes than before. Make of that what you will - I'd personally recommend getting an SSD for your programs and OS alone. That seems to get the most out of it. Note though, that while SSDs have become considerably cheaper, it should be self-evident that if you want to store large amount of data the best price to space ratio still rests firmly with regular HDs.

EDIT: Also keep in mind that both of your OS as well as your board should be able to handle SSDs properly. IIRC your board should support SATA3 otr at least 2 to actually get a significantly higher transfer speed out of it. Check your manual for that. In terms of the OS, I recall some issues with writing on the SSD that actually manage to degrade it far faster than any regular HD. It needs a special management softwareside that needs to be supported by the OS to avoid that. Win 7 has this implemented natively to my knowledge, though, I'm not sure about that.

I had one that failed after less than a year. By the time it got close to failing, it wasn't even going any faster than the regular hard drive. And even when it was new, I didn't notice any major advantage except for faster boot times. I would not recommend getting one.

I've got a Intel SSD and I've had zero problems with it. So go with intel if you're in the market for an SSD yet you're worried about reliability.

It's just not the right time for it. I mean after Endor and the colossal failure of the Executor you just can't find anyone willing to build one for you. Daala and Zsinj did seem to be steering the market in the right direction but that fell through too.

My advice? Wait until the blueprints get some more circulation and a budget model becomes available.

I'm still waiting for the price to drop on them. I know they are supposed to be some big upgrade, but they are expensive as fuck.

I bought this a year ago:

I works just fine however I am starting to see a lot of one stars recently. All complaining about the drive failing a year in.

Samsung 830, Crucial M4, and Plextor M5 pro have solid track records. I would recommend any of these.
240/256 GB models are the sweet spot for price and performance and size (for programs and games). 120/128 GB models are too small in capacity in my experience.
The speed and snappiness of SSDs will forever entice you, once you go SSD you never go back!
on a side note, you should always leave 25% free to get optimal performance from the drive, seeing as TRIM works best with 25% or more free on the drive.

I bought a Corsair F120 (120 GB) back in 2010 for 2100 DKK[1]and just a few months ago bought a Samsung 830 256 GB for 1550 DKK (it's even lower now although End of Life is this month for the 830), so prices have come substantially down.

[1] conversion is 1 Danish krone = 0.1757 US dollars


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