Purchasing Towers.

So hey,i'm looking to purchase a tower (was trying to find a DELL) but i'm trying to find one that doesn't have a graphics card pre-installed as i want to save costs and have already purchased one (GeForce GTX 560).

Problem is DELL won't customize the power supply (Min 450W)or the supplementary power connectors (6 pin x2). I'd rather buy a tower than build it from scratch myself as i'm not confident enough to do so other than placing the Graphics card in since i've done that a few times with my old RIG. Can anyone point me to a site or help me out?

A site like http://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ will allow you to customise a tower PC, but omit the graphics card and choose a good, named brand PSU like Corsair.

They'll assemble and deliver the PC, plus in my experience with them, their Customer Support is top-notch so you'll be able to get good advice on the PC you're building and whether all the parts will be compatible with your GTX 560.

They'll allow you to fit your own graphics card without voiding the warranty on the rest of the build, so once your PC gets delivered all you'll have to do is connect your GTX 560 and you should be good to go.

Also, a bespoke PC from them will be a lot better than a pre-built from Dell and should also be competitively priced for similar specs or better specs.

They also have a forum on their website, so if you make a similar thread on there you should be able to get some good and more specific advice.


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