Insomnia, Hooray!

I don't know if you'll have seen them but I've made a couple of threads recently about my problems because I'm a whiny bitch, and here I am again. Said problems have been giving me a fair bit of anxiety, and so I'm finding it pretty hard to get to sleep at night without drinking myself silly. I'm frequently finding that I won't get to sleep at all until at least 5 or 6AM, and I have to get up most mornings for lectures, so it's a pretty major problem for me. I'd rather not have to resort to sleeping pills or something like that.

I know that quite a lot of people have had similar problems, and I was wondering if anyone had some tips for a good night's sleep.

What do you do through out the day? If your day isn't physically or mentally draining enough to make you tired you could always try a mega extreme White Lighting workout montage. 17 out of 6 Doctors agree it is an exhausting activity that usually results in people passing out involuntarily... and also dieing of dehydration.

That or some positive reassurance about what ever is stressing you out. Maybe try not to get so worked up and try to be all chill about it might calm you down enough to relax and get some sleep.

Or swallow your pride and get some sleeping pills. As far as I know they are fairly harmless.

One of my friends picked up mono at college so he sleeps all the time so why not try that? I mean if you don't mind having mono that is.

I had insomnia for a while, which was later replaced by soul crushing depression so now I mostly sleep in hopes that I won't wake up... but I wouldn't suggest that option as it isn't nearly as halirious as the previous ones.

I'm at university, so... yeah. My day isn't especially draining. That said, I have tried doing exercise before I go to bed; I do as many press-ups as I can before I physically can't move my arms any more (I've done that whole depression thing before, I do this instead of self-harm like I used to). All it does is make my body knackered, and my brain is still wide awake. I'd rather not pick up glandular fever... I guess I might have to resort to sleeping pills after all.


If your anxiety is causing you to lose sleep, then the permanent solution would be to treat the cause of the anxiety rather than just doing things to help you get to sleep.

I know, but I can't force the causes of my anxiety to go away any faster. I'll deal with them, sure, but it'll take time. I need something to help in the meantime.


If you're only looking for something to help in the meantime, an over the counter sleep aid probably wouldn't hurt, provided nothing else works (exercise, reading before bed, relaxing music, hot showers, counting sheep).


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