How do I deal with the loneliness of moving away from all of my friends

So due t certain circumstances in my life, i'm kind of forced to move back with my grandparents in ohio. The crap thing is that this is about 1000 Km away from where I currently live and thus it makes seeing these friends on any sort of regular basis basically impossible. Once I move in there it doesn't look like i'm going to have many social options either. I'll have no car of my own, and i'm not going to be in college for spring semester either, so i'm not going to be meeting new people through classes or anything like that. I still will occasionally be able to talk to my friends on facebook, but I speak from experience when I say that just doing that doesn't help at all with my feelings of loneliness. So how do i deal with the inevitable feelings of crushing loneliness (I've already started to get them, and I don't leave until saturday)? Can anyone help me out here?

I moved away from home to go to university recently, and for a couple of months I failed to make any friends really. Apart from making new friends (I'm afraid that's the only long-term solution there is, I think), playing the bass a lot really helped me. Having a hobby that you can really throw yourself into is great for dealing with it. Especially something creative, so that you can express all that shit. Getting exercise and getting outside a lot is important too, it's easy to end up just sitting around, I'd suggest taking a walk every day.

After high school all my friends were gone for one reason or another. You know what I did? I got a job and met a lot of really cool people through it, my co workers are all pretty awesome people. I don't have a car I just have a job that is a few minute walk from my house. Hopefully you can find a job close to your house like I did and make new friends.

... Make new friends.

I'm afraid that is the only thing to do. I've spent my whole life moving about, or with friends moving away, it's a normal thing in life and eventhough you can keep in touch through superficial means, eventually you just grow apart. It's hard to hear, but it's what happens.

I think "TheRightToArmBears" (great name BTW) gave the best advice in regards to exercise and activities.

If you move back in the future, then great, maybe you can just pick up where you left off, but if this is a long term thing, all you can do is make new friends in any possible way you can.

As i know what it feels like to be isolated from people for a long time, I can suggest a couple of ideas, like others have stated having any sort of time consuming hobby helps, especially something creative where you can see results is a big boost. Any sort of sport exercise you can get involved in really helps as well, in a couple of ways as you feel better about yourself due to the increased activity, likewise you can meet people who share some interest, so i would suggest looking up any sort of gym's/ groups in the area you will be living as a means to get involved in. As i have no idea of the geography of the area i have no idea what bars/ places are around to talk to people in, but they're not always the best places either, most helpful think i could suggest is try to do some research beforehand of anything local that you can throw yourself at, just to occupy your time as from experience, your not going to stop missing your friends but having a distraction helps numb most of the feelings that can get in the way.

Hope that helps in any way, failing that, random internet conversations help a little as well.


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