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I'm a writer, and over the next few months I intend to carve out a tiny corner of cyberspace to collect and host the writing that I want to save. For the time being I just want it to be a collection of things I have already written that I have administrative control over. The idea being that when a potential employer googles my name, the first results would include my website that showcases my better work.

That being said, I have no experience programming a website, although I'm pretty tech-savy and know that I can teach myself, so I was wondering if anybody had any advice or could point me to a good resource to learn.

My current plan is to use Bluehost to host and register my domain name, and program the website using WordPress. I intend to organize my writing into categories (the year it was written, and also the type of writing it is) so I would be particularly interested in the best way to do that.

The bulk of my writing is newspaper editorials, although I will likely also host some of my better academic papers. In the future I would also like to use the website as a platform to publish new stuff, but for now I just want to ensure the life of my past work.

You have no responses... This is difficult to answer is why.

Building a website, even a basic one is a lot of hard work. I've done it a few times, with almost no knowledge so I'll help as much as I can, but that probably isn't a lot.

Top piece of advice, would be to get a professional or pay a friend who can make websites to build it, but as you don't want to make a business out of it, maybe that isn't the answer.

I would suggest using "dreamweaver" It's fairly straightforward to use and even though it is harder without a cryptic website language it isn't impossible to make a fully-functional website. I would suggest buying a book to go with it, "dreamweaver (version) for dummies" is a good one. I made a fairly, locally successful website with these tools that was actually very similar to your idea. It didn't look professional, but it did the job and I had some traffic when it was running.

So, Dreamweaver and dreamweaver for dummies. Or a friend who owes you a favour and pay them a bit (making a website is a lot of work.)


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