Google account says I've signed into it from the US when I don't live there

I had a look on my Google account a few days ago and again today and under last sign-in countries it says United Kingdom (where I live) and United States.

I don't know why it might be saying this as I haven't been to the US whilst I've had this account and as far as I'm aware my account hasn't been hacked. There's been no suspicious activity on my account and I've never been notified of anything of the sort by Google.

Does anyone know why it might be and should I be worried? Thanks

Google determines it by you IP address. If you've been using a proxy then that may be the problem however you should be able to view the IP log that have accessed the account as major differences to your IP address maybe alarming.

Changing your password ASAP is suggested.

This has happened to my sister and I each at least once, however google sends us an email to say someone attempted to sign in from another part of the world.

Safest bet? Change your password and do it from a computer different than the one you usually use, just in case there's something on your computer. And run a thorough scan.



I checked my account details and they're all the same IP by the looks of it, and like I said I've never got an email from Google saying somebody's trying to log in to my account. I should mention I don't use proxies or anything like that.

I changed my password when I saw that a few days ago but I'll do a scan as well.

Thanks for your help.

OK so I've done a few scans and I haven't found anything (just some tracking cookies). Is there anything else I should do?


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