I'm going to a fancy dress party. Most minimal effort costume suggestions?

Well, it seemed a good idea at the time, but i don't really want to go that much (Seems such a stupid concept). But i've paid now, and i can't get a refund.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could wear/go as? I'm really on my arse here, no idea whatsoever.

And it was 20. So i'm not going to just bail!

Thanks in advance, and kindly remind me not to do what my freinds reccomend!

You're a guy. Wear a suit, or a tuxedo. Those are your options.

Cut two holes in an old bedsheet. BAM. Ghost.
Or Wednesday Addams' "I'm a homicidal maniac. They look just like everyone else."

Or if you want something a little more original, get a (fake, unless you want to get stopped by the police) knife and stab it through an empty cereal box. Now you're a cereal killer. (Thanks to my mate for coming up with that one.)

Go for The Crow look.
All you need is to wear some black clothes and a lot of black eyeliner.

What's your gender?

If you're female, I'd go with a thin-strap black evening gown.

If you're male, go with a suit/tux/vest and white dress shirt with skinny black jeans.

If you don't identify as either male or female, then either suggestion works.

Get a fake goatee/grow a goatee and say you're the evil version of yourself from the Mirror Universe like in Star Trek. Doesn't get much cheaper than that :D

Alternatively get an old suit from a charity shop and a fez and go as The Doctor.

If you're a guy, go as a woman. If you're a gal, go as a man.

Borrow clothes from a friend, sibling whatever. Won't cost you anything.

Go as a zombie. Just need to put fake blood on some clothes and cover your face in a bit of makeup.

Purchase a name tag.

Write 'God' on it.

Stick it to your chest.

Spend the evening claiming that the reason you appear as you are is simply how people perceive God.

Very cheap and passive theological trolling fun all night long.


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