Games for my grandmother?

My grandmother recently got a laptop. It's an ordinary cheap laptop with an ok, but not great internet connection. I made her a Facebook profile and she loves to use it. So normally she only uses it to go on Facebook, look up cake recipes on Google and play Solitare.

She is a little, old Norwegian lady, so her English isn't to good, but she has a lot of time on her hands.

I was thinking about getting her some more games, maybe Bejeweled or something. Anyone got any good ideas for other games I could get her?

Plants vs. Zombies might be good, most of the stuff you can figure out.

Some hidden object point and click games. Maybe some different type of card games.

My grandma got into computers with card games, you could check out hoyle games or help her find some games she likes on facebook i suppose. It depends a lot on her interests but old people already know how to play card games so they're not too lost ;)


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