Should I keep it or return it?

So I bought a 3DS recently and while I have well enough money to last me for the next couple of months I can't help but feel I should return it and get my money back, while I DO want it, money is very important to me as well. I was just wondering what you fine people would do in my situation? If you went out and bought something you wanted but were hesitant about the cost (after you purchased it) would you return the item or keep it?

I also bought a 3DS but I did buy a game too... depends on how much you actually use/plan to use it, if you don't like it or don't plan on using it for something later then return in.

I personally would not return it, as I would spend the money on something else anyway

Well if it's out of the box then no, just opening the box brand new on handheld or consoles knocks the taking back price down 10 or 20%. Unless the store has some deal where the will take it back within 30 days even if it was opened.

Quiet Stranger:

I did this exact same thing. Except with a car...
You have buyer's remorse. If you want it, keep it. Electronics aren't easy returns, some stores won't take them back once they've been opened. Don't feel bad about getting yourself something you want every now and then. As long as you're not in dire financial hardship and you don't splurge TOO often, you'll be fine. In a few weeks time you won't even worry about it and you'll be enjoying your 3DS like it was meant to be enjoyed.


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