Is there an easy way to transfer everything from one email account to another?

So I've just graduated unversity. I have a university email account through Gmail. But apparently I only get 6 months before that's shut down. Over the years that became my main account, largely because of my need to check it regularly and my old gmail having a ridiculously childlike name. I've created a new account with a professional name. But now have to change all of my accounts (paypal, ebay, forums etc) to this new account.

Is there an easy and more importantly safe way to jump all this to the other account or do I have to manually find each thing and change it?

I thought this thread would be about contacts and emails but this is a different story. For the most part it isn't necessary...unless you expect to have to recover your account or it's an account that generates otherwise important emails then you can go without changing for many things, but there isn't really any way to update everything since it's all managed separately. The only possible way would be somehow keep that email address and/or set it up to indefinitely forward to your new one. I know with Hotmail you can change your email address which will transfer all your mail and contacts while still having all of your new mail to your old address end up in the new inbox, though I'm not sure whether that's an accessible option in Gmail (I assume it's there somewhere, haven't tried with mine), or how it would handle possibility of the old address information being deleted regardless of the account change. Definitely contact Gmail and/or your university and just get them to not delete it, then you can easily set everything to forward to your new current address.


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