Good Audio (MP3) Players From Wal-Mart*?

My PSP needs a rest...its been my music player for nearly 2 years now, maybe 3.

'Cause I ain't looked at a MP3 player since the launch of the Zune, I'm a tad out of the loop.

Got a budget of around 150USD, but that doesn't mean I want to spend it all.
-I'd rather not go over 100USD if possible.

Minimum 16GB, and I don't really care about the focused is what I'm looking at.

Helps would be greatly appreciated.

*Gift card is from Wal-Mart.

I've long since past having a dedicated MP3 player since Android became a thing but before then I couldn't recommend anything more than the stuff by iriver. I'm not sure exactly what Walmart sells but I still see some of them around nowadays so maybe they'll have something. They're generally nothing fancy but have pretty brilliant built quality and a good range of storage size options (I got me a 20gb one back in 05...more storage than my computer had at the time). Other than that, I hear iPods are pretty good, but that's just speculation.


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