need resume tips

need to write myself a resume but my job experience is either gonna be pretty slim or more than likely made up. not that i don't have experience but it's either unimpressive or not applicable to the field i am likely to choose

i have a bunch of qualifications but they are likely to be useless so any tips on presentation or padding ppl can give me would be appreciated

on a side note i can't believe how harsh the job market is these days. my first job was at age 11 and i could basically wander in anywhere to get a job. these days they want minimum 5 years experience to prove you know how to wipe your ass before they even consider you not too mention a ticket for everything from pressing a button to not falling over

captcha: exxon mobil. thanks captcha ill see if they are hiring!!!

Here is what you're going to do.

First, you're going to get off the Escapist.

Second, you're going to find your nearest unemployment center and get them to help you. That's what I did and I gotta job 2 weeks later.

Another tip, take whatever you can get. I don't care how good you think you are nothing is below you at this point. No, not even that.

Yes, jobcentres are extremely good for advisors and stuff. I barely changed any of the content in mine, but just some rewording and shifting was recommended, helped loads.

Also, your experience and qualifications may not be in the sort of things you're interested in, but they're by no means useless. At the very least it shows you can apply yourself to something and see it through to completion, and if it shows that you're any of the good buzzwords (reliable, communication, teamworking, you know the sort) then that's all the better. I have a masters degree in theoretical physics, but most people reading my CV want to talk about the fact that me and a few friends set up a society to get together in the pub and play music (worded better on CV).

Also also, there are a ton of guides to how to write a CV online, example CVs, what not to do's, etc. They're not as good as a proper school/college/jobcentre personal advisor, but they can be a big help for inspiration and new ideas to try in terms of content and structure.

Look up how to write a skill-based resume instead of a work-history one. It's the best way for younger people or those without much experience to write a proper resume.

Also, check your local library. There are books on how to write resumes (though the internet is probably faster), but some libraries can offer courses on how to do things like resumes. You might also just call them and ask if they have resources for resume writing as it's a pretty common thing for public libraries to have.


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